The ‘Wellness Foundation for Children’ Trust (WFC) was founded in New Delhi, India in 2005 with the intention of taking pity on lower-caste orphans.
WFC gives poor children, who have lost their parents or who are no longer able to live with them, a permanent home and a stable environment. Every child will be brought up by a father and a mother. They will take care of the child and will be a substitute for the child’s natural parents. In that way, family bonds should be created, so that the child can experience an atmosphere of safety and love.
The children are given education. WFC will guide them until they are financially independent. Special attention is given to less talented and feeble-minded children. Through vocational training they will be taught a job in a way to earn their own money. Healthcare is also given to the children.
WFC also pays attention to the poor families nearby and tries to raise their standard of living on a long term basis. The social centres, kindergartens, medical centres, training centres and school will not only be used by WFC children and youth but are also there for the general public.

Orphanages and educators are good, but we work differently :
WFC wants children to grow up in a family. Therefore WFC wants to build houses in which max. 6 children can grow up in a familiar environment. This should give the parents the opportunity to give each child the necessary special attention and love to grow up in a balanced way. The familiar atmosphere will – of course – also encourage the bondings within the families. WFC selects and guides the foster parents.
Foreign adoption is OK, but it can be done otherwise :
WFC creates a future for the Indian children in their own country, within their own culture and hopes that in the future these children will in return help to rebuild India.

Other essential needs en rights of children : WFC also wants to take care of the psychological, physical and emotional health of the children and of their education and training.