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Purchase of the land for WFC in India

After a long try we managed to buy our own piece of land.  This is an important milestone in the realization process of the project.

Now we can start with the further development of our infrastructure which will allow us to adopt more orphans. A new challenge!

The plot of 3000 m2 is situated 20 km southwest of Haridwar, the famous pilgrimage of the Hindus at the Ganges, in the State of Uttarkhand (NW of New Delhi),at the foot of the Himalayas.

It is a 30 minute drive in the direction of New Delhi (n. 58). The village is called Patri, 4 km from the main road (N 58).

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In January 2010 I went to have a look at the piece of land. The first thing to notice was the silence and tranquility. If you take a bit of time to absorb the silence, at times you can hear a dog barking in the distance. You could imagine you are in the Flemish polders. An immeasurable flat landscape, where rows of trees alternate with some houses.

The abundant green nature makes you even forget that you are in India.  Would Jacques Brel have taken his inspiration here? (Dr. Raju l. Boedt)

The plain of the Ganges, where the land is located, is along with the Nile area, the most fertile agricultural land in the world.