For domestic payments in India:

028801000 800 (ICICI Bank – New Delhi)

Wellness Foundation for Children trust

B-58 Vasant Kunj Enclave (behind Spinal Injuries Hospital)

Vasant Kunj

New Delhi 110070


–> We are granted 12A and 80G

–> ONLY payments in India are accepted! Soon, we will be able to receive foreign funds through our FCRA-account. This is expected in November 2013.

–> Al foreign donations can be done through  “Paypal”    (see “Donate” button on the right site of this page….).


For payments in Belgium or the Netherlands:

Donations in Belgium

068-2512093-14 (Dexia)

IBAN: BE94 0682 5120 9314



Donations in the Netherlands (Triodos Bank)

IBAN: NL34 TRIO 0390 3142 34


–> Donations in the Netherlands are tax-deductable because of the government granted us the ANBI-status.